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Family Dentistry Clinic in Ontario

Here at Archibald Ranch Dental, we are devoted to keeping Ontario’s smiles healthy for a lifetime. Dental health is one of the most critical factors in anyone’s quality of life.


Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are the key to maintaining oral health because they give your dentist the opportunity to notice small problems and correct them before they can become a major issue.

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Ontario Dental Cleaning and Check-ups

Regularly scheduled professional cleanings, along with daily oral care like brushing and flossing, are one of the keys to great dental health. During your check-up, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy and that they are being cared for properly.


You will also receive a professional dental cleaning that helps clear your teeth of plaque in areas that are hard to reach through simple brushing and flossing. Keeping your teeth free from plaque is the most important factor in healthy teeth and gums. 

don’t wait until your tooth hurts before coming in. Tooth pain often means that the decay has settled in too far to save the tooth, while the damage could have been repaired if it had been caught earlier.

Call us today at Archibald Ranch Dental and we will schedule you for twice-a-year cleanings to keep your teeth healthy.

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